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Adhesive Spray

Spray adhesive replaces ordinary double sided tapes and can be used for a wide range of applications such as floor laying, upholstery and mounting photographs.

All Purpose Adhesive

STICK 2 ALL PURPOSE CLEAR ADHESIVE is a strong, clear, quick drying adhesive suitable for a variety of household repairs and hobby uses. Will stick ceramics, porcelain, pottery, wood, card, paper, most plastics*, leather, cork, linoleum, rubber, stone, glass, metals and dense fabrics to both themselves and each other.

Carpet Adhesive

CARPET FIX SPRAY is sprayable medium duty glue which fixes P.U and foam backed carpets, carpet tiles, underlay, paper felt and cork to most common substrates.

Contact Adhesive, Thinners & Cleaner

Stick 2 All Purpose Contact Adhesive is a premium grade rubber based contact adhesive suitable for use with a wide variety of materials for both professional and DIY use. The product may be used internally and externally for bonding decorative laminates, all types of wood, rigid PVC, ABS, leather, cork, linoleum, rubber, stone, metals and dense fabrics.

Coving Adhesive

Everbuild Coving adhesive is a high strength solvent free adhesive that provides a quick grab for fixing polystyrene and plaster coving and cornices to sound porous surfaces. This product will also act as a gap filling sealant for filling the gaps between individual lengths of coving. Coving Adhesive dries white and is overpaintable when dry.

Glue Guns and Glue Sticks

Glue guns and glue sticks by Arrow, Rapid & Stanley.

Glue Remover / Debonder

Everbuild superglue remover / debonder etc.

Grab & Nail Free Adhesives

A range of grab and nail free adhesives.

Plastic Adhesive

Stick 2 Hard Plastic Adhesive is a strong, clear, quick drying adhesive suitable for bonding most hard plastics such as rigid PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate and ABS. Ideal for repairs to guttering, cills and bonding uPVC and ABS non pressure pipework. Temperature resistant to 100°C.

Pipeweld PVC Cement

Stick 2 Pipe Weld is a non drip, thixotropic solvent based pipe cement for use with non-pressure PVC and ABS thermoplastic pipes and conduits. Stick 2 Pipe Weld combines a long open time with a rapid rate of bond strength development.

PVA Adhesive

Everbuild PVA Bond is a medium viscosity, polyvinyl alcohol stabilized, externally plasticized, vinyl acetate homopolymer. Contains no harmful phthalates. It has been designed specifically for use in the building industry as a general purpose bonding agent, and additive for concrete and plasters and as a multi-use adhesive.

SBR Bond

EVERBUILD SBR BOND is a white liquid, which has numerous uses as an admixture, primer, bonding agent and sealer. Polymer Emulsions of this type have been used extensively over the last 20 years by the building industry as an admixture for cement and concrete applications, including repair and renovation, surfacing of floors and bonding generally.


Superglue gels and liquid in a range os sizes.

Textile Adhesive

Everbuild Stick 2 Textile adhesive is a quick setting clear adhesive for bonding a variety of textiles and fabrics including cloth, canvas, fabric, leather, foam, paper, sponge, cardboard and stone. Everbuild Stick 2 Textile Adhesive will also bond non porous surfaces such as plastic, uPVC and metals.

Threadlock Adhesive

A medium strength, self curing, anaerobic adhesive for locking threads on most nuts, bolts and screws which may need to be disassembled.

Tile Adhesive & Grout

Everbuild fix & grout tile adhesive, floor flex latex, forever white tile adhesive & grout, non slip tile adhesive, rapid set tile adhesive, rapid set mortar, self level compound, tile on timber, water resist tile adhesive, tile grout and grout revive products.

Wallpaper Adhesives

Solvite & Polycell wallpaper adhesives in a range of sizes.

Wood Adhesives

A range of wood adhesives from a variety of manufacturers.

Online DIY Store | Tapes, Adhesives, Fillers, Lubricants & Sealants |  Adhesives

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