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Briwax Products

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Briwax Natural Creamed Beeswax

Manufactured to a traditional formulation using only refined Natural Beeswax, linseed oils and genuine turpentine. Use to clean and revive the natural colour of wood and enrich the patina of all good furniture.

Briwax Shellac Sanding Sealer

Traditional sanding sealers manufactured from natural shellac, does not contain any fillers. Particularly suitable under shellac finishes like french and button polish it is also the ideal sealer under wax polish to produce a higher shine which does not sink away.

Briwax Spray Wax

A revolutionary new introduction to the Briwax furniture and wood care range, it is a surface shine and spray polish for antique reproduction finishes, especially for usage on hardwoods like Teak, Oak, Mahogany and Walnut where it gives added depth to tired or jaded surfaces.

Briwax Wax Polish

The natural wax woodfinishing treatment for all types of wood, in the home and in the workshop for all craftsmen. Briwax gives an instant natural sheen to bare wood or sealed sanding sealer. Ideal for carvings and turned wood, floors and skirting. Briwax cleans and protects the wood.

Briwax Sheradale Wax

Briwax Sheradale is manufacturered to a traditional formula using a range of waxes including pure beeswax. It is recommended for use as a final finish on old and new wood to obtain a deep shine. It will retain the natural patina and bring out the full beauty of the wood.

Briwax Marble & Granite Wax

Briwax Marble And Granite Wax is specially prepared blend of natural waxes that will clean and leave a soft sheen to granite, marble, quarry tiles and terracotta. It will also protect and enchance the surface.

Briwax Wax Remover

Briwax Wax Removing solution is a special blend of mild and strong solvents formulated to remove wax finishes from a wide variety of timber . Designed to be used primarily on raw and sealed wax timber. More traditional furniture finishes should have any wax removed by using Briwax Furniture Reviver/Restorer.

Briwax Furniture Reviver / Restorer

A special blend of solvents, formulated to clean, restore and revive most high quality furniture finishes. Will clean off any dust or grime and will remove the sticky remains of the household spray 'polishes' and give an excellent base for finishing with Briwax or Briwax Natural Creamed Beeswax Polish.

Online DIY Store | Paints, Varnishes & Woodcare |  Briwax Products

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