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Building Consumables

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Bonding Agents & Admixes

Accelerator & frostproofer, cement colourant, concrete hardener & dustproofer, epoxyset standard, evermix, geo-fix stone protector, liquid waterproofers, mortar admix, mortar plasticizer, mortar tone, paving mortar, render additive & strike release oil.

Cemstrip Cement Remover

Everbuild Cemstrip is a new type of cement, concrete and mortar stain remover that provides a more environmentally friendly and safer alternative to conventional hydrochloric acid based cement removers.

Fire Cement & Intumescent Pads

KOS Fire Cement is a ready mixed blend of thermo setting resins and inorganic fillers that cures when exposed to heat, resulting in a mortar which is resistant to temperatures up to 1250°C. Can be used for domestic and commercial applications on fire bricks, fire grates, flue pipes, flue bricks, boilers and other applications subject to extreme heat. Offers excellent adhesion to fire bricks, blockwork, stone and clayware, asbestos free.

Jetcem Rapid Setting Cement, Plaster etc.

Patching plaster, white porcelain repair, pothole repair, rapid set cement, waterproofing cement.

Premix Sand & Cement

The leading Rapid Set Sand and Cement brand is now manufactured by Everbuild. Jetcem Premix Sand and Cement is a premixed sand/cement based product which is easy to use and sets in approximately 30 min. Ideal for rapid patching or when a fast repair job is needed. Sets in the cold and wet.


Window putty, plumbers putty etc.

Roof, Wall Seal, Bitumen Products etc.

Various roof, wall and bitumen products from Everbuild, Isoflex and Thompsons.

Surveyline Marker Sprays

A spray applied marking paint for contractors/surveyors spot marking. Colour coded for electric, gas, water and cable company use. Semi permanent formula lasts at least 3 months after application. Surveyline is the new name for Everline.

Online DIY Store | Fixings, Hardware, Building Consumables etc. |  Building Consumables

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