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Screen Wash

Decosol Screen Wash De-Icer 500ml

Decosol Screen Wash De-Icer 500ml


Price: 3.52 (Including VAT at 20%)

To keep your vehicle windscreen in top tip spotless condition, you need Decosol DECAD25FF all weather Screen clean and De-icer, just use less fluid and more water to get a good ratio mixture, making anything up to 25 litres per bottle. This is especially desired in colder climates where a thin layer of ice or frost accumulates on the windscreens surface, eliminating the need to manually scrape the windshield or pour warm water on the glass. The Decosol DECAD25FF comes in a handy re-sealable 500ml container for ease of pouring, and can be stored very easily on a garage shelf, it also has a Non smearing formulation additive to keep the screen squeaky clean and free from road grime and bugs, with the added benefit of screen wash and de-icer which is effective down to temperatures of minus 57° Celsius (when used neat). Size: 500ml. No smear formulation. For use in all weather conditions. Non freezing at temperatures up to minus 57° Celsius. Makes up to 25 litres. For wash only applications, can be diluted to users required strength.

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