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Online DIY Store | Power Tool Accessories |  Drill Bits & Countersinks

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Drill Bits & Countersinks

Online DIY Store | Power Tool Accessories |  Drill Bits & Countersinks


Countersinks for wood and metal.

Drill Bits - Masonry

A range of masonry drill bits in standard quality, professional quality and SDS fitting. A range of sizes and various lengths.

Drill Bits - Metal Drills

HSS metal drill bits. Ideal for DIY and Professional use in hand and power drills.

Drill Bits - Tile & Glass

These have extremely hard tungsten carbide spear tips and should be used at low speeds whilst applying light pressure only. For drilling glass windows, mirrors, bottles and ceramics.

Drill Bits - Wood

A range of drill bits for wood including auger bits, flat bits and 26mm/35mm hinge drill bits.

Faithfull Pin Chuck Set

The pin chuck is a useful accessory for holding drills too small to be held by standard capacity drill chucks. Supplied with three collets of the following sizes:
0 - 0.75mm (0 - 1/32in)
0.75 - 1.5mm (1/32 - 1/16in)
1.5 - 2.5mm (1/16 - 3/32in).

Plug Cutters

Used in combination with Screwsinks to prepare perfectly sized plugs to fill counterbored holes.

Screw Sinks & Screw Diggers

Screwsinks are used for drilling, countersinking and counter-boring in one operation. The countersinking part can be slid up and down the drill part of the tool by means of a hexagon key to suit the depth of hole being drilled .

Hinge Bits

Specially designed for drilling blind holes when fitting concealed (plumb) hinges in kitchen, bedroom and bathroom cabinet doors. Available in 2 sizes. Suitable for use on all natural woods and man-made materials such as blockboard, melamine faced boards, chipboard and MDF.

HSS Step Drills

Step drills, the easy way to cut the hole size you require.

HSS Taper Drills

Taper drills are used for drilling sheet materials. They will drill a hole of any diameter between the stated sizes.

Multi Function Cutter Set

A four piece 1/4 inch hex drive set containing a 6 mm rotary rasp, 4-12 mm step drill, 8-20 mm taper drill and a 12.4 mm countersink. Supplied in a metal case.

Tank Cutters

Tank cutters suitable for use on most tank materials, steel, plastic, copper etc.

Online DIY Store | Power Tool Accessories |  Drill Bits & Countersinks

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