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Online DIY Store | Hand Tools |  Engineering & Metalworking Tools

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Engineering & Metalworking Tools

Online DIY Store | Hand Tools |  Engineering & Metalworking Tools

Bolt Grip Remover

Bolt grip for removing rounded , rusty or painted bolts.

Combination & Protractor Sets

Can be used as a square, height gauge, depth gauge, level, marking gauge, scriber, centre gauge, bevel protractor. Supplied with steel rule 12in (300mm)

Dividers - Spring

A range of spring dividers in various sizes.

Engineers Gauges

A range of engineering gauges including: depth gauge, screw cutting gauge and wire gauge.

Engineers Level

Supplied with accurate ground and graduated main vial and cross test vial. Adjustable to a positive setting the main vial is housed in a satin finished brass tube with a cover to prevent breakage. The level features an involute groove running the base length providing a reliable seat on cylindrical workpieces.

Engineers Scrapers

Especially developed for removing high spots on machined surfaces. It is manufactured from selected steel and is suitably hardened and lightly tempered for lasting durability. It has a shaped round wooden handle for comfort during use.

Engineers Straight Edges

Precision ground with a bevel on one side, they are excellent for drawing or scribing straight lines and checking surfaces for straightness. The thickness and design permit them to retain shape and accuracy.

Engineers Square

Carefully crafted from high quality tool steel, these squares are accurate to BS939 Grade B standard. The stock and blade are precision ground to ensure straightness and accuracy, and the spring steel blade is hardened and tempered for increased durability.


Cold surface, crayon and paint markers.


Adjustable, depth gauge, external and internal micrometers and micrometer setting gauges.

Pin Chucks

Pin vices are chiefly used for holding small taps, reamers, scribers or wire. The handles are tubular which permit holding wires of any length or diameter up through the length of the tool.


Centre punches, taper punches, letter punches

Rivet Set (Set & Snap)

Tools to set rivets and form rivet heads.

Trammel Heads

Useful for laying out and scribing circles beyond the capacity of ordinary dividers. Clamping device firmly holds points, which can be replaced with a pencil. The heads will accommodate any size beam from 19 to 38mm (3/4 - 1 1/2 Inch) in width. Beam is not supplied.

Online DIY Store | Hand Tools |  Engineering & Metalworking Tools

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