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Files and Rasps

Online DIY Store | Hand Tools |  Files and Rasps

Diamond Hones

Diamond hones and files.

Engineers Files - Flat

For general work on iron and steel, they are slightly tapered in width and thickness. Double cut on both sides and single cut on both edges.

Engineers Files - Hand Files

Parallel in width, and slightly tapered in thickness. Double cut on both sides, but on one edge only. A safe edge permits work in corners.

Engineers Files - Half Round

The cross section allows use on convex and concave surfaces. They are tapered towards the point in width and thickness. The teeth on the flat side are graded in coarseness.

Engineers Files - Round

For filing circular openings or concave surfaces. Slightly tapered towards the point.

Engineers Files - Square

Double cut teeth for filing slots, keyways, inside corners and fine-adjustment of cutting tools. These files are slightly tapered towards the tip for surface filing.

Engineers Files - Three Square

For filing internal acute angles, cleaning out square corners. Slightly tapered, double cut.

Engineers Files - Warding

These are tapered for locksmithing work in wards or notches of keys and for reaching into narrow places, with a thin rectangular shape. Also suited for use in narrow spaces where other files will not fit.

Filecard Brushes

A simple file card brush for cleaning wood and metal files. It removes embedded filings far more effectively than an ordinary wire brush. The fine scratch wires are webbing mounted and stapled to the wooden stock.

File Handles

Made from hardwood and with a metal ferrule to prevent handle splitting.

Handy Files & Mini Files

Files suitable for Home & DIY use.

Millsaw Files

This type of file can have one or two round edges and often having one safe edge, they are always single cut and mostly used to sharpen mill and circular saws, knives, lawn mower blades, axes, shears. Can also be used for polishing and deburring work.


For use on wood or soft metals. Coarse bastard teeth with single cut edges.

Rotary Files

For use in milling, filing and shaping of most metals.

Saw Files

A range of Saw, Chainsaw, and Taper Saw Files. Double ended, slim taper and taper saw files.

Online DIY Store | Hand Tools |  Files and Rasps

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