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Online DIY Store | Hand Tools |  Hammers and Mallets

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Hammers and Mallets

Online DIY Store | Hand Tools |  Hammers and Mallets

Ball Pein Hammers

Ball pein hammers with wooden shaft, fibreglass shaft, graphite and anti vibe handles.

Blocking Hammers

Used throughout the metalworking trades, this hammer has a ground head with one round and one square face. Used for forming and shaping metal. Hickory handle.

Dead Blow Hammers

The perfect hammer for heavy and effective blows. The specially designed head is filled with steel shot to prevent rebound and delivers dead blows for maximum impact.


A complete range of mallets including carpenters, carver, hardwood, rawhide and rubber.

Sledge Hammers

A general purpose heavy hammer for Builders and Contractors.

Specialist - Hammers

A range of specialist hammers including blocking hammers, drywall hammers, geologist hammers, planishing hammer, roofing & slaters hammers, scaling hammers and tack hammers.

Thor Hammers - Copper & Hide

Copper and Rawhide Hammers are excellent dual-purpose hammers for the automotive and general industrial applications. The copper face gives a SAFE but high impact blow, whilst the rawhide face gives a firm but resilient blow that will not mark finished work.

Thor Hammers - Deadblow

The hollow die-cast head is partially filled with steel shot which adds to the weight, prevents rebound and delivers 'dead' blows of maximum impact. Handle of aluminium alloy with shock absorbent rubber grip.

Thor Hammers - Nylon & Plastic

Nylon and Plastic Faced Hammers and Spare Faces.

Thor Hammers - Split Head

Split Head Hammers facilitate the quick changing of faces and handles. Replacement faces vary from Rawhide, Plastic and Nylon.

Online DIY Store | Hand Tools |  Hammers and Mallets

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