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Liberon Products

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Liberon Patio & Garden

Whether you are weather proofing new furniture, reviving old decking, or brightening up your path and patio, there’s a highly effective, simple-to-apply solution to give the finish you want.

Liberon Wood Flooring

A range of liberon wood flooring products including: liberon wood floor dye, liberon wood floor varnish, liberon wood floor wax, liberon wood floor oil, liberon wood floor cleaner, liberon wood floor sealer, liberon wood floor reviver and liberon laminate flooring products.

Liberon Stone Flooring

A range of liberon stone flooring products including: liberon stone floor cleaner, liberon stone floor sealer, liberon stone floor shine and liberon stone floor wax.

Liberon Interior Oils

A range of liberon interior oils including: liberon pure tung oil, liberon finishing oil, liberon superior danish oil, liberon raw linseed oil and liberon boiled linseed oil.

Liberon Preparations & Repair Products

A range of liberon preparation and repair products including: liberon wood filler, liberon wood stopping, liberon wax & polish remover, liberon fine wood stripper, liberon wood bleacher, liberon sanding sealer, liberon knotting pale and liberon furniture repair kit.

Liberon Retouch & Revive Products

A range of liberon retouch and revive products including: liberon ring remover, liberon burnishing cream, liberon wax filler sticks, liberon retouch crayons, liberon touch up pens and liberon shellac fill sticks.

Liberon Colours - Wood Dyes

A range of liberon wood dyes including: liberon palette wood dyes, liberon concentrate water based dyes, liberon spirit wood dyes and liberon van dyck crystals.

Liberon Finishing - Varnishes

A range of liberon finishing varnishes including: liberon natural finish interior varnish and liberon kitchen and bathroom varnish

Liberon Waxes

A range of liberon waxes including: liberon patinating wax black, liberon verdigris wax, liberon liming wax, liberon tint n wax, liberon beeswax paste, liberon bison liquid wax, liberon bison paste wax, liberon spray wax and liberon furniture waxes..

Liberon French Polishes

A range of liberon french polishes including: liberon black polish, liberon button polish, liberon garnet polish, liberon french polish, liberon white polish, liberon easy french polish, liberon button shellac, liberon garnet shellac, liberon lemon shellac and liberon blonde dewaxed shellac.

Liberon Woodturning Products

A range of liberon woodturning products including: liberon woodturners lathe polish, liberon woodturners safety cloth, liberon wood turning kit and liberon wood turning stick.

Liberon Gilding & Framing Products

A range of liberon gilding and framing products including: liberon gilt cream, liberon gilt varnish and liberon metal leaf.

Liberon Metal Treatments

A range of liberon metal treatment products including: liberon cold patination pre treatment, liberon antiquing fluid, lberon jade oil, liberon rust remover, liberon iron paste, liberon silbver polish, liberon brass and copper cleaner, liberon brass and copper polish.

Liberon Steel Wool

Liberon Steel Wool is produced using a high quality steel to create crumble and dust resistant wool that is virtually oil free.

Liberon Wood Glues

A strong PVA based wood glue which dries transparent. Suitable for wood, plywood, chipboard and mdf- very quick drying.

Liberon Specialist Brushes

A range of liberon specialist brushes including: liberon furniture brush, liberon wax polishing brush, liberon drill brush, liberon liming bronze brush and liberon foam applicators.

Liberon Accessories

A range of liberon accessories including: liberon work apron, liberon cotton rags, liberon tack cloths, liberon honing oil and liberon cotton waste.

Liberon Raw Materials

A range of liberon raw materials including: liberon purified beeswax, liberon lubo lubricating wax, liberon pure turpentine, liberon rabbit skin glue, liberon pearl glue, liberon carnuba wax flakes and liberon whiting plaster.

Online DIY Store | Paints, Varnishes & Woodcare |  Liberon Products

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