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Online DIY Store |  Paints, Varnishes & Woodcare

Free delivery on UK mainland orders over £120 (inc VAT) *T&C's apply - Sliding Wardrobe Doors are not included.

Paints, Varnishes & Woodcare

Online DIY Store |  Paints, Varnishes & Woodcare

Briwax Products

Briwax beeswax, shellac sanding sealer, spray wax and wax polish.

Colron Products

Complete range of Colron products including: finishing wax, wax remover, danish oil, teak oil, antique oil, knotting solution, wood reviver, ring remover, scratch remover, wax sticks.

Cuprinol Products

Large range of Cuprinol products including: decking products, ducksback, shed and fence treatments, spray fence treatments, total garden wood treatments, garden shades, garden furniture finish, timber care treatments, ultimate garden wood protector, woodworm killers, 5 star wood treatments, wood preserver treatments. bilgex

Everbuild Products

Everbuild floor paints, teach oil & touch up enamel etc.

Fiddes Products

Fiddes Supreme Wax in a range of colours.

Hammerite Products

Complete range of hammerite products including: hammered finish, smooth finish, satin finish, metalmaster spray, radiator enamel paint, bbq paint, high heat paint, red oxide paint, rust remover, rust beater, one coat kurust, waxoyl

Liberon Products

The complete range of liberon products including: liberon patio and garden products, liberon wood flooring products, liberon stone flooring products, liberon interior oils, liberon preparation and repair products, liberon retouch and revive products, liberon wood dyes, liberon varnishes, liberon waxes, liberon french polishes, liberon woodturning products, liberon gilding and framing products, liberon metal treatments, liberon leather creams, liberon steel wool, liberon specialist brushes and liberon raw materials and accessories.

Polycell Products

Polycell products including: crack free ceilings, damp seal, stain stop, brush cleaner, liquid sanding, paint stripper.

Ronseal Products

Large range of Ronseal products including: Ronseal Outdoor Products / Garden Furniture Products / Decking Products / Shed & Fence Products, Ronseal Varnishes, Ronseal Metal Paint, Ronseal Wood Treatments, Ronseal Wood Preserver, Ronseal Woodworm Killer, Ronseal One Coat paints, Ronseal Floor Paints, Ronseal Wood Fillers etc.

Rustins Products

Rustins are a leading manufacturer of woodcare products and speciality paints. The rustins range includes: rustins decking products, rustins floorcare products, rustins garden furniture oils, rustins paints, rustins polishes, rustins primers and undercoats, a large range of rustins sundries, rustins teak danish and linseed oils, rustins varnishes, rustins wax, rustins wood dyes and rustins woodcare renovators.

Sikkens Products

Range of Sikkens products including: Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus, Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus, Sikkens Cetol TBH Plus

Sikkens are top of the range coatings for superior outdoor woodcare.

Online DIY Store |  Paints, Varnishes & Woodcare

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