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Rustins Products

Online DIY Store | Paints, Varnishes & Woodcare |  Rustins Products

Rustins Decking Products

Rustins decking products: rustins decking cleaner, rusting decking stain & seal, rustins decking oil.

Rustins Floorcare

Rustins floorcare products including: rustins quick drying acrylic floor coating, rustins laminate floor shine, rustins floor shine, rustins floor oil and rustins plastic floor coating.

Rustins Paints

Rustins paints including: rustins matt black paint, rustins satin black paint, rustins brick & tile paint, rustins heat resistant paint, rustins white gloss paint, rustins black gloss paint, rustins quick drying blackboard paint, rustins small job gloss paint, rustins quick drying radiator enamel, rustins metal lacquer, rustins aluminium paint

Rustins Polishes - Button & French Polish

Rustins button and french polishes.

Rustins Primers and Undercoats

Rustins primers and undercoats including: rustins aluminium wood primer, rustins small job wood primer, rustins small job undercoat, rustins white primer, rustins quick drying primer & undercoat, rustins white undercoat, rustins quick dry MDF sealer, rustins seal that stain, rustins problem solving primer and rustins red oxide primer.

Rustins Sundries

Rustins sundries: rustins brass restorer, rustins plastic coating, rustins plastic wood, rustins cellulose thinners, rustins brush cleaner, rustins brush restorer, rustins paint driers, rustins pure turpentine, rustins rust remover, rustins methylated spirit, rustins sugar soap, rustins knotting, rustins strypit, rustins sanding sealer, rustins wood bleach set, rustins wire wool, rustins metal shine, rustins metal renovators, rustins UPVC cleaner

Rustins Teak, Danish, Tung, Linseed & Worktop Oils

Rustins teak oil, rustins danish oil, rustins tung oil, rustins linseed oil & rustins worktop oil in a range of sizes.

Rustins Varnishes

Rustins polyurethane interior varnishes, rustins quick drying interior varnishes, rustins exterior varnish, rustins flexterior varnish and rustins yacht varnish.

Rustins Wood Dyes

Rustins wood dyes are suitable for use on bare wood prior to finishing with any Rustins wood finishes. Quick drying penetrating stain, does not raise the grain. Supplied in a number of shades which may be intermixed to make an infinate variety of natural wood shades. Suitable for interior and exterior use.

Rustins Woodcare - Renovators

Rustins woodcare renovation products including: rustins finish reviver, rustins liquid wax, rustins scratch cover and rustins surface cleaner.


Rustins Products

Rustins are a leading manufacturer of wood finishing products, speciality paints and decorating sundries. Originally founded in 1924 Rustins was the first manufacturer of Danish Oil. Today Rustins manufacturers a large range of Rustins Wood Varnish, Rustins Wood Dyes, Rustins Stained Varnish and Rustins Oils etc.

Online DIY Store | Paints, Varnishes & Woodcare |  Rustins Products

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