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Aluminium Tape

A self adhesive tape based on aluminium foil, coated with a bitumen based waterproofing compound. It can be overpainted if required.

Anti-Slip Tape

Non slip tape may be used indoors or outside and can be applied to most surfaces including concrete, metal, wood and tiles. Ideal for marking entrances stairways, steps and ramps.

Barrier Tape & Hazard Warning Tape

A range of tapes suitable for marking off areas on the floor and as a physical barrier when used in conjuction with fencing pins etc.

Denso Flashing Tape

A tough, but conformable, grey aluminium laminate coated bitumen adhesive with a high melting point. The new foil laminate gives greater puncture resistance, improved tensile strength, elongation and tear strength. This offers the user a stronger tape that is easier to apply and accommodates the natural movement of joints, in service, without the loss of adhesion or splitting.

Denso Tape

A cold applied tape which remains plastic over a wide temperature range. It is non-hardening and non-cracking. It is highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis, salts and micro-organisms and highly impermeable to water, water vapour and gases. Used for the protection of buried or exposed pipes, rods, cables, valves and metal fittings from corrosion.

Double Sided Tape

Heavy-duty double sided tape , Ultimate adhesion maximum grip secures, fastens and fixes. A superior quality tape that sticks all materials except Vinyl.

Electrical PVC Insulation Tape

Suitable for a multitude of tasks in and around the home and workplace. This tape withstands temperatures from -5ºc to 60ºc.

Gaffa / Duck Tape

Sometimes known as 'duck tape' it is an extremely strong heavy duty but versatile cloth tape, easy to tear and apply. Ideally suited for packing, repairing, joining, sealing, fixing, protecting and re-inforcing. Adhering to a variety of surfaces including metal, wood, concrete, glass, paper , plastic , fabric and carpet tiles.

Gas, Electric, Water Warning Tape

Vivid colour tapes designed to warn excavation crews of the existence of buried pipes or cables before damage can occur. The tapes are impervious to alkalies, acids and other soil components and are marked with text indicating the hazard type.

Hook & Loop Tape

Hook and loop self adhesive tape secures, fastens, hangs, displays again and again.

KwikGrip Tape

A sturdy Tape Dispenser that comes shrinkwrapped with 2 rolls of Kwikgrip Brown Packaging tape included. The Tape Dispenser can be used with many of the tapes within the Kwikgrip range.

Masking Tape

A high quality grade paper masking tape suited to most painting applications by brush or spray. Easy to use and tear with good adhesion to most surfaces, leaving no adhesive deposit if removed within 24 hours.

Parcel Tape

Brown parcel tape used for sealing boxes, packages etc. Also 'Fragile' tape used on packages containing delicate items.

Plumbers Leak Fix Tape

Sylglas Plumber fix is purpose designed as a permanent leak sealant for piping and tanks and can be used on most materials EXCEPT soft plastic materials. Ideal for sealing weeping, sweating and burst metal pipes, radiators, tanks and cylinders.


Used by plumbers and heating engineers to provide a watertight seal on threaded joints. This invaluable tape is an essential component when working on all types of pipework. Helping to ensure that a watertight seal is achieved and maintained on all threaded joints, this effective tape is a must for every toolbox.

Sealant Tape

Sealant tape for sealing in bathroom and kitchens.

Scrim Tape

Plasterers tape to cover plasterboard joints prior to plastering.

Waterproofing Tape

Self-Adhesive, flexible tape for general waterproofing and sealing jobs around the home and garden.

Online DIY Store | Tapes, Adhesives, Fillers, Lubricants & Sealants |  Tapes

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