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Woodworking Tools

Online DIY Store | Hand Tools |  Woodworking Tools

Carpenters Pencils & Crayons

A range of carpenters pencils for marking etc.


Square leg compasses, when fitted with a standard pencil or other marking implement, can be used for drawing circles and arcs or used as dividers to measure distances or repeat a set distance. Manufactured from forged steel with square section legs for grip and balance this Faithfull divider has a hardened and ground compass point and knurled grip locking screws.

Miniature Woodworking Tools

These tools have been designed for the discerning woodworker and modelmaker who requires more manageable tools for intricate smaller applications such as model boats, planes, windows, toys, jewellery boxes, and display cases etc.

Nail Pullers

The nail puller is the perfect tool for removing nails from most materials, lifting floorboards, opening wooden crates and dismantling wooden structures.

Plug Cutters & Screw Diggers

Used in combination with Screwsinks to prepare perfectly sized plugs to fill counterbored holes.

Tack Lifter

A useful tool for lifting all types of tacks. The V shaped head is cranked to 45 to the shaft for easy leverage. Fitted with a beechwood handle.

Hand Planes & Spares

A range of planes including; block, corrugated bottom, fore, jack, jointer, rebate, smoothing bailey and a complete range of spares.

Wood Carving Tools

A large range of tools for wood carving.

Wood Turning Tools

A large range of tools for wood turning.

Online DIY Store | Hand Tools |  Woodworking Tools

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